Our food

Is Phenomenal

  • Upcycled Perfection

    At Goobr, our mission is to create dog food that is better for the planet and your pup. We use primarily upcycled ingredients that are extremely nutritious, but for many stupid reasons would otherwise end up in a landfill and contribute to unnecessary food waste.

  • Gimme Dem Macros

    Goobr was specifically formulated to ensure that in between eating cockroaches and poop, your pup has the fuel they need to power them through their day.

  • Quality over Quantity

    We make an amazing dog food with two different proteins to choose from. From Great Danes to Poodles and pups to geezdogs, our food will work for you. Plain and simple.

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Food FAQs

How much protein is in Goobr Dog food?

That would depend on which formula. Please refer to the individual nutrition facts which can be found here: Click Here

Why do you only offer two different dog foods?

While we do plan on adding a couple more in the future, we realized that it is just completely unnecessary to offer so many different varieties.

What we found is that most dog food brands like to lure you in with empty promises and basic marketing to make you think that your dog needs a very specialized kibble based on their age, breed, or a variety of other factors.

In reality, the reason that most of these brands offer so many different options is to gain more shelf space within stores, compete with their competitors, and ultimately increase their revenue and profits.

We don't sell our product in stores and like to keep it simple by offering only what your dog needs and nothing that they don't.

Can I feed it to my puppy?

Absolutely! Goobr was specifically formulated to be a one size fits all for any breed, any age. As your puppy grows older, the only thing that you will need to adjust is how much your feeding them per day.

Check out our feeding calculator to help point you in the right direction

Is your food tested?

Yes, every time our food gets produced, it is sent out to a 3rd party lab to undergo significant food safety and accuracy tests. We don't sell that food to customers until we receive the lab results to ensure everything is A-OK.

Do you use any artificial ingredients or preservatives?