The Pet Store

is long over do for a plastic free face lift

It's so easy

That well, even a dog can do it

  • Step 0

    Walk up to the refill station looking like an absolute boss. No, not you.

  • Step 1

    Walk up to the large touch screen at the front of the refill station and follow the prompt on the screen. Then, tap your card, or scan the qr code in your Goobr app.

  • Step 2

    Continue to follow the prompt on the screen. You can either purchase a refillable bag from us, or feel free to bring your own reusable container of choice

  • Step 3

    Choose which dog food you want and put your reusable bag on the hooks of the corresponding dispenser, or your own container on the ground right below

  • Step 4

    Hold down the button to dispense as much or as little dog food as you need. When you're done, just hit the finished button on the screen. You'll automatically be charged based on how many pounds of dog food you dispensed.

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Yo DTC, we got you covered

The first ever Goobr Refill Station is located in the parking lot of Belleview Station Dog Park in Denver:

4825 S Newport St. Denver, CO 80237

We hope to have many more locations soon in Denver and beyond. Have a good spot? Let us know below.

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Refill Station FAQs

Is the Goobr Refill Station solar powered?

Yes, the Goobr refill station is 100% off the grid and powered by nothing but the sun.

To our knowledge, this is the first time a retail store has ever operated completely off the grid

How does the food stay fresh?

Within the refill station, all of the food is stored within air tight, stainless steel silos. In addition, the inside is climate controlled to ensure the food is stored just right.

In theory, you can expect the food to be significantly fresher than what you would expect from food that's stored in a single use plastic bag.

Do I need to download an app to dispense food?

While we would encourage you to download the Goobr app (from the app store and google play), it is not required to purchase dog food.

However, it will speed up the process for you and allow you to track your orders easier and collect reward points.

Is it open 24 hours?

Yes, our refill stations are open 24 hours and are completely self serve. Think of it like a vending machine for dog food.

When will one open closer to me?

Our goal is to eventually have 50 or so of these across Colorado, before expanding to other states.

Prior to expanding, we want to make sure that we've ironed out all the kinks, since this is so new and there's so much engineering work involved.

In the meantime, please check out local delivery our one refill station is just a bit too far of a drive for you.

How is your supply chain more sustainable than an average dog food business selling in retail?

Where do we even begin?

A typically dog food business produces kibble in a large production facility, packages it into a single use plastic bag, puts it on a pallet and puts multiple layers of plastic wrap around the pallet, ships it by truck to their large warehouse for storage, then once an order from a retailer is received, it gets shipped all over the country again by truck to a retailer's large warehouse (distribution center), the pallet is then broken down, put onto a different pallet, wrapped in multiple layers of plastic again, then shipped all over the country again by truck to be sent to large individual stores which consume significant energy. Then it's finally brought into the store, unpacked and placed on the shelf.

At Goobr, we manufacture the product and ship it in bulk containers to our warehouse in Denver. We then transport it a very short distance and refill our station(s), which is 100% powered by the sun and uses absolutely no energy from the grid.